PK Das
Open Mumbai Plan   

A comprehensive map of Mumbai incorporating the various 'Open Mumbai' Plan Elements has been prepared to illustrate the vision for Mumbai's development with public open spaces being the foundation of city planning. Interestingly a contiguous network of various elements has been possible in large parts of the city thus unifying and integrating the city.

Open spaces must clearly be the foundation of city planning. An 'Open Mumbai' ensures our physical and democratic well-being.

Through this plan, we hope to generate dialogue between people, government, professionals … and within movements working for social, cultural and environmental change.

It is a plan that redefines land use and development, placing people and community life at the centre of planning - not real estate and construction potential.

A plan that redefines the 'notion' of open spaces to go beyond gardens and recreational grounds - to include the vast, diverse natural assets of the city, including rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, mangroves, wetlands, beaches & the incredible seafronts.

A plan that we hope will be the beginning of a dialogue to create a truly representative 'Peoples' Plan' for the city.

These plans and proposals are essentially rooted in ideas of conservation, restoration, recycling, re-planning and re-structuring existing realities and their spatial transformation.

Open Mumbai Plan
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